On-Call Environmental NEPA Consulting (CoSA)

On-Call Environmental NEPA Consulting (CoSA)

Role: Prime  |  Client: City of San Antonio, Transportation & Capital Improvements Department

PCI was contracted to provide on-call NEPA-related environmental services to the City of San Antonio’s Transportation & Capital Improvements (TCI) Department on an as-needed basis. Depending on project funding type, this involves interagency collaboration, including coordination and compliance with regulations and guidelines in place by TxDOT, HUD, USACE, and others. PCI was originally awarded this contract in 2009, and it has been re-issued to PCI three times (contracts held from 2009-2012, 2012-2016, 2016-2019, and 2019-2024). Under these on-call contracts, PCI has completed over 108 task orders, including:

  • 1 TxDOT Environmental Assessment
  • 12 TxDOT Categorical Exclusions
  • 1 TxDOT Categorical Exclusion Re-Evaluation
  • 1 TxDOT Programmatic Categorical Exclusion
  • 5 HUD Environmental Assessments
  • 13 HUD Categorical Exclusion Subject to 58.5
  • 2 FEMA Environmental Assessments
  • 3 Archaeological Resource Surveys
  • 5 Reconnaissance-Level Historic Surveys
  • 17 Cultural Resources Background Studies
  • 4 Jurisdictional Determination of Waters of the U.S.
  • 2 Threatened and Endangered Species Assessments
  • 4 Archaeological Monitoring during Construction
  • 2 Initial Karst Features Surveys
  • 3 Environmental Constraints Analyses

Highlighted Projects Include:
Fire Stations # 50 and 51
Friedrich Complex
West Harriman Place
Callaghan Road
San Pedro Springs
Sidewalks to Schools
Harry Wurzbach at Austin Highway SPUI
Red Berry Lake and Salado Trail Connection Project
Main and Soledad
Hardberger Land Bridge
S. Presa Street
Broadway Street

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